dyes & dyes intermediates
Welcome to Aastha impex
Aastha Impex is a Proprietary firm based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Aastha Impex deals in different industries. Main industry is Chemicals and secondary industry targeted is Pharmaceuticals and Specialty chemicals. Though main products are Dyes and dyes intermediates but later markets are also giving fruitful results these days.

Main Product line of Aastha Impex is Dyes Intermediates. Aastha Impex has all the types of Dyes Intermediates in its bag. In India, a million types of dyes are manufactured and it requires dyes intermediates to obtain the finished products. For all the successful finished bulk dye, the only responsible thing is Dyes Intermediates and we provide such material which produces nothing but only the perfect bulk dyes.

With a strong experience in hand, Aastha Impex has developed an excellent reputation and is a market leader in some of its Products. Aastha Impex believes in building long term business relations with its clients and developing a Win-Win Situation at both the sides all the time.

Our Mission
The mission is to grow in the newer markets and to gain success as well as continuing the business what it has now.

Our Vision

The vision is to enter the global market and start exporting in other countries and making India the best country by 2020.