dyes & dyes intermediates
About us
Aastha Impex was established in the year 1,994-as a firm; before that other parent companies were in existence. Mr. Rajpal Mehta had started the business in 1987 with very little help from his father. He used to move around on scooter with very less profits. His first business was in dyes under the name of N R Enterprises.

After some time, Mr.Darshan Dalai joined the business and also started dealing in bearings. The new firm was started as Aastha Intermediates.

As the time passed, the whole business was diverted to only dyes intermediates in 1993 and till that time to present only dyes intermediates are the main product line. In 1994, Aastha lmpex was established and dyes intermediate business was mastered in some areas.

Aastha Impex with high level of experience and enough financial stability started dealing in different industries like Pharmaceuticals and Specialty chemicals in 2010. Now, the newer areas are showing signs of positive success.